A New Enjoyable Activity for Friends and Family


It’s a wonderful world. Most people will agree to this. The world has come a long way in terms of advancement especially with the fast development in the department of science and technology. It is so amazing how technology has changed our world. 10 years ago, not many people were using smartphones that can easily connect to available wi-fi networks to get online. Nowadays, people have gotten so much attached to their smartphones and tablets that sometimes it would seem like their lives depend on it. Thanks also to the power of the internet and social media that even the so-called “cool kids” spend most of their time playing with their smartphones. Click here to check out The Escape Artist now!
Now that mobile phones are so powerfully built that they are considered more like mini-computers in your palm, all kinds of softwares, now called apps, are budding like crazy and the sky is the limit. Perhaps the most downloaded type of apps are game apps. There are a lot of games available that will surely become favorite hits for people of all ages. Take for example the Seattle escape room video games where the player needs to solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to get out of rooms. It is a fun strategic game and the player is required to explore the surroundings to find given clues and hints that they can use to solve the mystery of each room. The game’s difficulty not only focuses on how hard the puzzles are but also how fast the player can solve it as each level has a time limit.

The popularity of these online games has led to the development of real-life escape rooms all around the world. These escape rooms are fantastically fun and are great for team building activities, special occasions, or even just plain unique outing activity for friends. People will get to enter various theme rooms and experience the real thrill of searching for clues and solving puzzles to escape. Most escape rooms have a time limit of 60 minutes to beat the game. One popular real-life escape room destination is The Escape Artist which is located in Seattle. They have available escape rooms that are based on sci-fi, historical, suspense, and adventure genres. Anyone can play as there is no special skills needed only your wits and of course, team work. The game is absolutely enjoyable for friends and family. You can book for your event by visiting their website online!

For more info, check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/why-do-people-love-escape-rooms_us_598b523be4b030f0e267c958.


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